Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Cone of Shame

Now, I haven't decided whether or not I should be laughing at this... But I am... So I need to share.

When we adopted Paisley from the shelter, we were told that she has a condition called 'cherry eye' which will probably stick around for a while. It's not a big deal - just a congenital disorder of a her third eyelid - and really doesn't bother her too much on a day-to-day basis.

Unfortunately, Miss Paisley woke up one morning this week and this particular eye was infected. We took her to the vet and the lucky little girl came home not only with some meds, but also with - what we affectionately like to call - the cone of shame.

It somehow manages to make her even cuter.

Anyway, my friend, Jamie, came over the other night for dinner and managed to snap this photo of Paisley sitting all by herself in the dark corner of our living room.

Adorable little dog or cyclops alien? I can't tell.

Hope your week is going better than hers...

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