Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It's Christmas Time in the City!

Guess what day it is?

Yes, it's New Year's Eve... BUT it's also Anthony's birthday!

Yesterday we took a birthday trip into NYC to have a special little lunch date at PJ Clarke's and do all the holiday touristy things that we normally poke fun at on a regular basis. Thought I'd share some of my favorite shots of the day...

Radio City Music Hall

The largest holiday ornaments in all the land.

The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree... Seemed a tad smaller than usual this year! 

Just some Nutcrackers chillin. And some lady.

Oh how I'd love to string these from my porch.

My favorite decoration of the day... the Bryant Park Christmas tree... I could've taken pictures of it for hours...

... So I basically did.

And then took pictures of the people skating (and falling)

Back to the beautiful tree!

I spy Anthony and me!

As we were walking around the Bryant Park market, we ordered delicious pretzels from The Bavarian Food Company.

Anthony ordered a cinnamon raisin pretzel... I had truffle and cheddar (two of my FAVORITE flavors in the whole entire world)

Oops, got distracted by the tree again.

Here's Anthony trapped in my pretzel.

And another of my pretzel... I'm in the 'diet starts tomorrow' club.

Happy New Years to all and talk to you in 2014!

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