About Beta's Bites

Hello and welcome to Beta's Bites!

My name is Liz (aka 'Beta') and I live in NJ with my wonderfully amazing husband, Anthony, and our insanely energetic dog, Paisley.

I'm one of three girls and the daughter of two incredible parents. Thanks to my mother, I'm easily amused by cooking and arts & crafts.

While I try to live a healthy lifestyle, I do have a few weaknesses that tend to get in the way. I like to call them "the 3 C's" - Cheese. Chianti. Chocolate.

Luckily, thanks to my father, I also am a fan of running road races which helps to cancel out the amount of the 3 C's I consume (or at least I like to pretend it does).

I'm a fan of the Yankees and the Jets, and I adore dogs. I love everything fall... especially Halloween, sweater weather, and all things pumpkin-flavored.

Traveling is one of my favorite activities, and I try to document with as many photos as I possibly can. My big-kid job is in NYC at a PR agency.

This blog chronicles my many adventures in food, creativity, and life. 

Questions or comments? Email me at betasbites@gmail.com!

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