Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Mitten Munchies

This past weekend I realized why so many people believe it's pure insanity for the Superbowl to be held at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.


Anthony and I went to the Giants Cowboys game on Sunday and - although my weather app said that it was 32 degrees outside - it felt like 15. We packed up a bunch of food to tailgate and, instead of standing around the grill making friends, ended up sitting our freezing-cold butts in my jeep with the heaters on drinking beers and contemplating just how many of our toes would actually make it through to the fourth quarter.

We also ate these terrible cupcakes that I made. While they look pretty, they were super dry and uneventful. I found the recipe on the site of a very well-known female food and lifestyle celebrity who shall not be named (hint: she posted some pretty hysterical food pics on Twitter recently). Perhaps I didn't follow the directions right... Regardless, they were down-right disappointing.

At least they looked pretty

Although the cupcakes were a fail, the pasta salad I brought was a success! I used Ina Garten's recipe which I believe is THE best pasta salad of all time. You can find it here on the Food Network website.

And, last but surely not least, I thought I'd share the picture of Paisley post-visit to my sister's college campus this weekend. The fact that she's never seen open fields of grass before combined with the handfuls of college kids that gave her endless attention ensured that she slept for a good hour-and-a-half after we left.

You're getting sleeeeeepy... very sleeeeeepy... 

It's as if she was trying to stay awake for more activities and just couldn't do it.

Happy Thanksgiving week, everyone! Hope you're enjoying some wonderful time with family and friends!

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