Friday, January 24, 2014

Perfect Paisley

Paisley has been very into joining me for runs lately which I LOVE. Anthony gets pretty busy at work this time of year, so she's been a great substitute running buddy!

Not only is Paisley great company, she's also absolutely hysterical. We'll make it a few blocks and then all of the sudden she'll see a squirrel, or a flock of birds, or a pile of snow, or someone's empty food container on the ground, and she'll abruptly yank me in a million directions. It's giving me quite the arm workout as well as some ugly leash-burn around my hands!

We were out on a jog the other day and passed this awesome graffiti art on a brick wall which was the 'perfect' photo opp for Miss Paisley. I made her stop, asked her to sit (which she actually did!) and snapped this shot...

It's so appropriate... Even though she's a distracted nutcase half the time, she truly is our perfect Paisley!

P.S. about two seconds after I snapped this shot she spotted another dog across the street and was gone. Typical.

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