Monday, January 27, 2014

Hoboken Mutz Fest!

Yes, that's Italy made out of mozzarella in the bottom left-hand corner
This morning I woke up in a food coma to end all food comas.

Why, might you ask?

Well, Hoboken has began this amazingly ridiculous New Jersey-like tradition of having an annual 'Mutz Fest' each winter. Believe it or not, the little city (fun fact: Hoboken is only one square mile) has a handful of Italian delis and restaurants that each boast that they make the best mozzarella in town.

Hoboken's solution? A competition for the public and a panel of judges to decide exactly who should claim to have the 'best mutz.'

To sum it all up, the event was absurd. There were six participants:

1. Vito's Deli - My personal favorite as well as the judges, Vito's not only makes the best mozzarella, it also happens to be (in my opinion) the best 'deli' of the group. With spreads ranging from spicy roasted red pepper to kalmata olive and garlic, as well as cases full of fresh deli meat and chicken cutlets, you can always find something to satisfy your sandwich craving.

2. M&P Biancamano - This was my second favorite of the group. Their mutz was creamy, salty and delicious enough to hold it's own on a plain slice of Italian bread with no other toppings. M&P was also the deli responsible for the impressive map of Italy made of mozzarella in the photo above.

3. Fran's Deli - A Hoboken classic that also makes a delicious sandwich. Probably my third favorite mozzarella in the group.

4. Losurdo Brother's Deli - Had never been here, but will definitely be trying it in the near future.

5. Rosticeria da Gigi - A newcomer to Hoboken, and a pretty darn good one at that!

6. Little Town NJ - A restaurant run by the Manzo brothers serving quality, local food... but their mutz was just alright. Sorry.

After I put my vote in for Vito's, Anthony and I headed home to take one long two-hour nap. We couldn't even think about having dinner last night.

Regardless, we're definitely looking forward to the third annual festival next year!

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